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I don't really know what to say in this little mandatory box, except for "Stop reading this!".

March 2007
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I've been working more. Seeing Nikki (and all other friends, even Guy) less, but that's how it goes. The payoff shall be grand!

I rented a couple of CDJ-type things (basically, CD turntables), and a DJ mixer with Johnny Pack and we've been messing around a bit, mixing stuff together and havin' fun. It's pretty cool downloading Acapella versions of songs from Soulseek, then mixin' them together with various music loops and such. If my damned burner would only stop making corrupt discs, I could actually do more of this! I'd like to download some ol' 8-bit music from the NES for instance, then mix that with various hippidy hop / rap vocals... (See Snoop's Dreamland for an awesome, awesome example!).

I sold an ol' pro sound card I've had laying around for about 2 years, for $250 the other day. Score!

Last night I ran the audio for a session with guest speaker Tim Flannery, author of 'The Weather Makers: How Man Is Changing the Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth'. Pretty cool. I haven't read the book yet, but I will eventually.... After I finally get and read 'The End of Food: How the Food Industry is Destroying our Food Supply and What We Can Do About It'. Yes, I read depressing books. The last book I read was 'Power Down: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World'. It was an excellent read, and if you give a crap about the environment and want to find out how fucked we all are (with some glimmers of hope), give it a read. It's free at the library. No excuses.


I'm sitting in day 3 of 3 of a conference on Geothermal heating/cooling. What a wild idea! "The energy we need, right beneath our feet!". If any of *my* 4 fans (Mike included?) plan on, I dunno, buying property and building a house in the next while, I *urge* you to invest in geoexchange/geothermal technology. Here's a brief rundown:

A series of pipes is installed in the ground beneath your house and a water solution (mostly water, with some form of anti-freeze, is my guess), is pumped through these pipes. Oh, it's basically one giant loop, as well. Since the temperature of the ground changes very little, if at all, throughout the year in relation to the air temperature, this water solution gets cooled in the summer and heated in the winter! It gets pumped up into your home, then the energy is transferred from the liquid into air, that is pumped throughout your home through ducting. The extra energy can also be used to heat some of the water for your house!

You can heat / cool your entire house for a dollar a day, give or take. Smart.


I get to go see Bloc Party on Monday night! With Nikki! Extra super bonus!!

I need to go snowboarding again before the season's up... Hopefully twice.

I need to do my homework for my Dominican Republic trip, else I can't go. Yes, I have to actually complete 3 units of homework and hand it in to Hope International before I can go... And unit 4 is to be completed during my trip. I'm getting a bit nervous about raising money, and also about completing these questions. I'll probably post the questions and answers here for the hell of it, and to get some feedback. Stay tuned!

I might start doing some intensive workouts at the Crossfit. My buddy Darren is working on getting is instructor's certification, so I'll be his guinea pig... Might get a free month of workouts out of it, so... Yeah! Again, stay tuned!!


My bike was stolen.

Ho hum.

Wasn't just mine, but about 10 others from our building's bike room. I never even thought how silly it was, using my huge cable lock and attaching it to a small loop of metal, about as thick as a Bic pen.


In other news, the 'Our Parents Had Sex In May' is going to be Saturday, February 10th... I assume at my place. Details to follow, but spread the woid.


In other news still, Jacqui is departing for Australia in 2 days! Good for her! She's gone for a couple months, with nary a plan in mind except to find a job or two or three and work for a while, then move on to somewhere else... repeat. Good luck Jacqui! Go fight a 'roo!!


In yet other news, wtf is up with the USA - Boston in particular. That whole 'suspicious package' fiasco made me laugh and cry, cringe and vomit, then laugh again.


And finally, Nikki and I may be going to go do some good ol' Irish drinking (and dancing, and singing) at the Blarneystone tonight. Our first 'date' (if you exclude the time I took her to the blood clinic and she passed out... awesome...) was at the Blarneystone... Let's see if I can be less nervous and awkward this time 'round... I'll at least strive for less nervousness. The awkward bit is hardwired into my psyche, so I'll just run with it. Awkwardly.

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You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.
You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.
But you sure can beat a good drum.
"Kill! Kill!"

Oh, also, my dad went as 'Animal' for Halloween when he was 19 or so.

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'Ave a look at this video, please.

Yes, obviously we all know that models wear makeup, and that some photo retouching takes places in Photoshop, but I never realized it happened to this extent...!

I'm not at all convinced that Dove is doing this just to collectively raise the self-esteem and/or awareness of girls across the country. It's marketing, plain and simple, but at least there's a good message behind it all. I don't believe sales of MAC makeup, etc., will suffer however.

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